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The company ethos is to provide quality textile products to customers and takes an advanced stance ahead of competitors in developing innovative products at affordable prices without forsaking consistence in quality. Coupled with highly skilled, trained and professional management this ensures increasing returns for the company and stakeholders.
Cotton is procured from different districts of Punjab and Sindh provinces within Pakistan to reduce carbon footprint. BCI organic cotton manufactured in the US, India or any other country is sourced as per customer requirement.
The purchasing season is from October to February where price and quality is secured. Gohar Textile is one of the few mills that purchase its projected cotton usage upfront. This ensures price stability and stock level security.




STORY OF COTTON-Gohar Textile Mills


on-site machinery – production volume & timescales

3d杀号工具as a vertically integrated mill , our production capabilities are enhanced with state of the art machinery to produce consistent quality. all dyes and chemicals used in the production processes are imported from global companies and comply to international compliance requirements.


Our newly installed compact system and capacity of 32000 spindle state of the art European and Asian machinery ensure quality yarn output.
Computerised monitoring is a key feature.

  • Capacity:660 tonnes/month


Our in house capacity of 1500 looms with a combination of shuttle-less and Air Jet technology is able to produce a wide variety of fabric from 1.8m to 3.2m width. Our rigorous quality controls ensure the fabric quality is in line with our commitments. Recently installed Toyota JAT810 Air Jet looms are the hallmark of our weaving process.
(Individual machine numbers remain the same)

  • Capacity:5 million meters/month


to ensure the quality fabric gohar textile is known for, the fabric is processed through several stages to ensure continuous quality. imported processing dyes and chemicals are used at all stages ensuring quality finishing.


continuous bleaching and kier exhaust bleaching facilities are on site.

  • Capacity:150,000 metres/day


The Osthoff 2005 model is capable of 3.2m width in fabric.
In the singeing process any residual fibers are removed to ensure better anti pilling results.

  • Capacity:150,000 metres/day


in this process the monforts shearing machine removes hanging threads from fabric and dust particles.

  • Capacity:150,000 metres/day

Pad Steam


pad steaming is for dying light shades on 100% cotton. we use this machinery for reactive print washing.

  • Capacity:45,000 metres/month

Thermasol Dyeing


reactive dying is used for 100% cotton whilst disperse dying is used for 100% polyester . monforts machinery maintain the process the use of vat dyes which have an excellent reputation for fastness which is key in the textile industry.

  • Capacity:45,000 metres/day

Rotary Printing

3d杀号工具two reggiani printing machines with 15 color options and 3.2m working width. design repeats of 640,819 and 914mm and all mesh categories are available.

  • Capacity:100,000 metres/day

Panel Printing

3d杀号工具16 color screens are available with a 3.2m width. any repeat design is available

  • Capacity:15,000 metres/day

Digital Printing

two digital machines with a working width of 3.2m ideal for high definition designs. for exacting results we only use imported dyes form germany which fulfill all compliance requirements.

  • Capacity:6,000 metres/day


(Metres / Month)
Sanforizing machine used for the stretching of fabric, which helps to prevent shrinkage.
Production capacity – 50 000 metres per day

  • SITE: Gohar textile mills, Pakistan
  • TIME-SCALES:20,000 metres/month


3d杀号工具this process is required to remove wrinkles from the fabric and provide the soft and lustruous handfeel that gohar is synonymous for. the ramisch machine with nipco bowls is highly effective in this regard.


3d杀号工具with 600 stitching machines and various tools creat a diversified range. a well trained labor force ensures that quality end products are of international standards and testing. the latest texpa line was introduced to automatically stitch duvet cover and pillow cases.

  • Capacity:1.2 million sets/month

Folding and Inspection

after the final finishing processes the fabric is sent to this section for inspection. in folding fabrics are segregated into 3 qualities. a grade fabrics are transferred to dispatch or to the cutting and stitching departments for further process.

Wadding and Quilting

the wadding and quilting plant consists of four state of the art carding and filling machines for pillows and quilts and two wadding machines for comforters and bed spreads. wadding machines can produce 400 kg of filling in an hour and automatic filling machines can produce 2500 pieces in an hour.